Follow One

Biblical Leadership =
Following Jesus


“A Follower of Christ is a disciple (learner, apprentice) who continually submits himself/herself to the Lord Jesus.”

A Disciple…

1. Knows the Gospel (Good News) of Christ
– A ? that Begs Your Answer.
– attn Christians: 9 Quick Questions and One Big Proposal   

2. Walks with God
– How to Walk…
– How to Walk…Pleasing to God
–  How to Walk…in Christ

3. Is Empowered by God

More Resources for the Disciple of Christ


“Summer School with Jesus” Series
(The Sermon on the Mount- Matthew 5-7)

The greatest sermon ever was delivered not from a pulpit or a professional speaker at a modern mega-church. Jesus took his small band of new followers up the trail for an orientation session and spoke the greatest oration to flow from anyone’s lips. We title this teaching the “Sermon on the Mount” and find the Master’s instruction in Matthew, chapters five, six, and seven.

These three chapters have intrigued me since I trusted Christ for salvation twenty years ago. I have gravitated toward this section of my Bible on a frequent basis. Even though this section comprises only 1.2% of the New Testament and .3% of the Bible, the “Sermon on the Mount” is unique. It is like the view from the mountain that rewards the devoted hiker with a panoramic presentation. With a clear day and unobstructed view, one may be able to see ten, if not one hundred, miles away. Likewise, the “Sermon on the Mount” is a breath-taking look at Jesus’ definition of discipleship. With this teaching, we have a guide for obeying the call of “follow Me.”

Jesus focuses on six topics in this monumental teaching. He begins with the attitude that each disciple should possess (also called the “Beatitudes” in 5:3-12). He exposes the calling of the disciple in 5:13-16 by using the metaphors of salt and light. In a larger section, Jesus looks at the heart by examining the integrity and ethics of a disciple (5:17-48). After setting the foundation, Jesus turns His attention to the practice of a disciple by examining one’s giving, fervency in prayer, fasting habits, worship, faith in God to supply every need, and treatment of other people. Jesus concludes His discourse with a warning on spiritual warfare (7:13-27) by exposing the reality of false religion, false prophets, false converts, and the façade of a fancy house built on sand. When Jesus was finished the crowd was in shock by the content of what He presented, the authority by which He spoke, and the expectations of which He demanded. Following Christ was serious business.

Following Christ today is just as serious. Until the Church realizes this truth and becomes resolute on being fully devoted disciples, she will remain in her weakened state.

“Follow One, Lead Others” Principle #1: A disciple proves his or her faith in Christ by following Him and seeking to teach others what the Master has revealed to the disciple.

The Attitude of Jesus’ Disciple

The Cornerstone of Discipleship (Lesson 2- Matthew 5:3)
When Grown Men Should Cry (Lesson 3- Matthew 5:4)
Taming the Bear Inside You (Lesson 4- Matthew 5:5)
Filled to Overflowing (Lesson 5- Matthew 5:6)
Let Me Give You a Piece of My… (Lesson 6- Matthew 5:7)
Have You Seen God Lately? (Lesson 7- Matthew 5:8)
Love, Joy, and Peace- the Jesus Way (Lesson 8- Matthew 5:9)
When it is Good to Get Hate Mail (Lesson 9- Matthew 5:10-12)
The Attitude of a Disciple (Lesson 10- Matthew 5:3-12)

The Heart of Jesus’ Disciple

Like a Country Ham Biscuit to the Soul (Lesson #11- Matthew 5:13)
Becoming “Glow in the Dark” People (Lesson #12- Matthew 5:14-15)
How to Be an Attractive Christian (Lesson #13- Matthew 5:16)
Did You Hear the Alarming Rumor Going Around? (Lesson #14- Matthew 5:17-19)
Only the “Best” Get to Heaven? (Lesson #15- Matthew 5:20)
Prayers that Do Not Impress God (Lesson #29- Matthew 6:7-8)
The Greatest Obstacle to Prayer (Lesson #30- Matthew 6:5-13)
How to Talk to the Father (Lesson #31- Matthew 6:9)
My Kingdom Go (Lesson #32- Matthew 6:10)
Prayer that Depends on God (Lesson #33- Matthew 6:11)
Prayer that Cleanses People (Lesson #34- Matthew 6:12)
Prayer in the Spiritual War (Lesson #35- Matthew 6:13)
When Christians Cannot Forgive (Lesson #36- Matthew 6:14-15)
What’s Your Belly Telling You? (Lesson #37- Matthew 6:16-18)
Investment Advice from the World’s Greatest Leader (Lesson #38- Matthew 6:19-21)
How’s the Vision of Your Mind’s Eye? (Lesson #39- Matthew 6:22-23)
The “Stuff” People are Made Of (Lesson #40- Matthew 6:24)
How to Cure the Disease of Worrying (Lesson #41- Matthew 6:25)
Eat, Drink, and Put on Some Clothes (Lesson #42- Matthew 6:25-26, 28-30)
How Much does Worry-Free Living Cost (Lesson #43- Matthew 6:27)
The Opposite of Worry (Lesson #44- Matthew 6:30-32)
“Don’t Judge Me!” (Lesson #46- Matthew 7:1-2)
When Christians Can Judge Others (Lesson #47- Matthew 7:3-5)
When Jesus Resorts to Name Calling (Lesson #48- Matthew 7:6)
How God Wants You to Pray (Lesson #49- Matthew 7:7-11)
When “Karma” and Jesus Collide (Lesson #50- Matthew 7:12)
The Narrow-Mindedness of Jesus (Lesson #51- Matthew 7:13)
Christians Are Not Normal- Part One (Lesson #52- Matthew 7:14)
When Wolves Get Into the Church (Lesson #53-Matthew 7:15)
False Teachers: Upon Further Review… (Lesson #54-  Matthew 7:16-20)
A Frightening Bible Verse- For Many (Lesson #55– Matthew 7:21)
Salvation Is About Who You Know (Lesson #56– Matthew 7:22- 23)
A House that Can Withstand a Storm (Lesson #57– Matthew 7:24-25)
The Cause of a Crumbling Life (Lesson #58– Matthew 7:26-27)

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